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Law vision (Pakistan) is a Prestigious Lawyers Firm a Pvt. Ltd. Company incorporated as such with the SECP Govt. of Pakistan. We are in active Practice in the Courts of Pakistan since 1989. We Conduct, Plead and Persue Legal Issues and Cases From the very initial level litigation up-to High Court and Supreme Court. We are providing our legal Consultancy and Lawyer services online to all the Pakistanis specially Who are living abroad and facing problems to deal with their Legal Issues and cases here. We are only a call away from you. You may discuss any legal issue from any part of the world. Call us on +923024077416 or E_Mail and be sure, you will got top class consultancy and Solution for your Legal Task.
We provide Lawyer Services for the Following Legal Issues:
$1·         All Cases of Civil Nature like Land disputes, Commercial and Industrial or Residential Property Matters, Damages, Tort, Declaration, Injuction,
$1·         Posession, Partitation and Administration of Succession etc.
$1·         Criminal Cases
$1·         Company Advisory Services
$1·         Taxation
$1·         Court Marriage nikah online ( parties may be at any place in the world)
$1·         Divorce online (client need not to come to Pakistan)
$1·         Legal Consultancy for Property Purchase, Sale, Property Custody & Care
$1·         Arbitration Services for all Matrimonial Disputes
$1·         Khula online (client need not to come to Pakistan)
$1·         Maintenance for children
$1·         Custudy of Children and visitation rights
$1·         Dower
$1·         Articles of Dowry
all other cases and related Issues.
CH. Zulfiqar Ali Goheer Advocate
LL NO Office;        0632511316
           Home:          0632510616
Cell No:                  03024077416
Law vision(Pakistan) Pvt. Ltd.
Websites:                 www.lawvision.infio


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