We Act, Plead and Represent clients in Courts of Law in Pakistan and provide online Nikah, Online Divorce Services.


Law vision (Pakistan) Pvt. Ltd. is a top reputed Law Firm of Pakistan providing legal services all over the Pakistanin the Following Matters:
*      Child Custody and Visitation rights of Parents
*      Civil Litigation in Courts
*      Court Marriage Nikah
*      Criminal Litigation, Defense and Prosecution
*      Dealing with Cyber-Crimes
*      Dissolution of Marriages, Divorce and Khula
*      Divorce Effectiveness Certificate
*      Drafting of Divorce Agreements
*      Drafting of Family Settlements
*      Drafting of Legal Documents
*      General and Special Power of Attorney
*      Guardianship of Minors Children
*      Import and Export Matters
*      International Divorces
*      Legal Management of Business
*      Legal Management of Property Matters
*      Legitimacy of Children
*      On Line Marriage in Pakistan
*      Passport and Immigration Offences
*      Protection of Intellectual Property
*      Recovery of  Abducted Children
*      Recovery of Money, Bad Debts, Loans and Mesne Profits
*      Recovery of Possession of Properties
*      Registration of Company and Partnership
*      Registration of Marriages and Divorces
*      Rent Matters of Properties
*      Research about Pakistani Laws
*      Sale, Purchase and Transfer of Property
*      Settlement of Matrimonial Issues
*      Succession Certificates, Stay Orders
*      Translation of Documents
 Our services Basically Covered Two different kinds i.e
1). Providing Legal Database Computerised Laws providing services to the Lawyers, judges, Law Students, Govt. Departments Public or Private Limited Companies, National and international Orgnisations. We provide these services via online Laws, Law Cds Files Transfer methods etc.
are our main souces of Marketing of our Law Databases.

2). Providing Legal Consultancy Services for Public individuals, Firms, Bodies or Companies. these services Includes: Lawyer online, Court Marriage Nikah Services, Property Advisory services, Divorce online services and Documents attestation Services.
are our main Marketing Sources for these kind of Services.

CH. Zulfiqar Ali Goheer Advocate
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Cell No:                  03024077416
Law vision(Pakistan) Pvt. Ltd.
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