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Law vision (Pakistan) is a Body Corporate, of the leading lawyers having vast experience of practice in the courts of law in Pakistan, busy in Research, Compiling and Digitization the Laws i.e. Codes, Acts, Ordinances, Orders, Rules, Regulations, and Notifications with Case law  in the fields of: nearly all areas of Pakistan Laws with special interest to the actual laws applicable in the Courts.

What though, Some of the companies already involved in Presenting some laws, We are proud to be the pioneers to provide, with the grace of Almighty Allah, Comprehensive Laws with Relevant latest case law in all the available modern computerized  Electronic & Print media sources to have Facility Of  Cost-effective laws. Law vision (Pakistan) have revolutionized the way legal professionals research, communicate and practice law.

            We are sure Lawvision's Law site lawvisionpkE. Law Books, Law CDs, Law Off-line Packages and printed Law Books shall prove to be a pleasure for the Lawyers, Judges, Law students, departments, litigants and for the public at large having thirst of, to the point, laws and Legal authorities. We undertook the Responsibility to fulfill the needs of latest law of our Valued customers at   cost-effective way to reach every element of the legal marketplace.


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